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Great Lakes Free Trainings for TASFAA (TN) Members - January 2015

17 Dec 2014 2:57 PM | Deleted user

January 2015 Webinar Sessions and Descriptions


Reaping Results with a 12-Month Default Prevention Action Plan

Default prevention results can be achieved when a plan is developed and executed properly. Do you know how to create an actionable 12month plan that reaps results?  If you’re like many schools, developing a plan requires time and resources that may be limited.  During this session we will show you how to put together a 12-month action plan that is manageable.  We’ll walk through the plan month by month, demonstrating strategies that you can deploy to help you manage default rates and reap results.


Specific topics covered include:

  • Grace period outreach
  • Outdated contact updates
  • Early awareness campaign
  • Loan rehabilitation outreach

Presenters: Tasha McDaniel and Michiale Schneider

Date: January 8th @ 3:00pm EST

Identity Theft: Help Students Avoid this Epidemic

Every minute approximately 19 people fall victim to identity theft. Do you know how to help your students avoid this epidemic?   Identify theft is the fastest growing crime in America and young people between the ages of 18-24 are the most likely to be affected.  But there are ways that your students can proactively protect themselves. This webinar will show you how you can inform and counsel your students so they can protect themselves from identity thieves and potential scams.

Specific topics covered include:

  • Types of identity theft
  • How identity theft occurs
  • Impact of identity theft on victims
  • Techniques for prevention

Presenters: Michiale Schneider and Tasha McDaniel

Date: January 13th @ 3:00pm EST

Professional Judgment Perplexities


Professional Judgment is helps you target funds to students with exceptional need. But Professional Judgment principles must be applied wisely and responsibly in order to be effective and compliant. 

This participatory session reviews complex case studies to show how you can help students get the aid they need by making adjustments to either the expected family contribution (EFC) or the student’s cost of attendance.

Specific topics covered include:

  • Why and when to use professional judgment
  • Permissible actions and required documentation
  • Common scenarios – loss of income, changes in assets, extraordinary expenses
  • Dependency override
  • Maintaining a professional judgment policy

Presenters: Michiale Schneider and Keyimani Alford

Date: January 13th @ 12:00pm EST

Managing Loan Default: Making a Difference in 60 Minutes

Managing default prevention activity is important to your institution but requires resources and time. We can show you how to improve your default rate with just a little extra effort each month.  By dedicating just 60 minutes each month, you can lower your school’s cohort default rate, and facilitate your ultimate goalundefinedhelping students avoid the negative consequences of loan delinquency and default.


Specific topics covered include:

  • ·         Options for contacting late stage delinquent borrowers - emails, letters, and phone calls

  • ·         Promoting IBR and Pay As You Earn to early and mid-stage delinquent borrowers

  • ·         Reaching out to borrowers during their grace period

Presenters: Tasha McDaniel and Michiale Schneider

Date: January 14th @ 12:00pm EST

Date: January 22nd @ 3:00pm EST

Verification: Four Simple Steps to Completion

Get the right dollars to the right students, on time. We’ll show you the easiest steps to completing verification based on recent policy changes and review common issues that arise.


Specific topics covered include:

  • Determining who needs to be verified
  • Reviewing required documentation
  • Resolving conflicting information
  • How to understand IRS transcripts – and when to ask for more information
  • Making corrections

Presenters: Keyimani Alford and Michiale Schneider

Date: January 14th @ 3:00pm EST

Supervising Student Employees: Tools of the Trade


Student employees are a vital resource for your office but a challenge to supervise. Do you have the tools needed to effectively manage your student workers to achieve optimal success? Because they are part time, with varying schedules, and diverse attitudes towards employment and academics, student employees provide you with unique supervisory challenges.  Attend this mini session to learn tools to help you better supervise your student employees and help them achieve success for your office and their future careers.


Specific topics covered include:

  • Understanding the challenges of supervising students
  • Diversifying your management style
  • Knowing the student employee culture


Presenter: Keyimani Alford and Tasha McDaniel

Date: January 15th @ 3:00pm EST

Tax Filing Rules: What Financial Aid Administrators Need to Know

Get a refresher on tax filing rules in advance of the 2015-16 verification cycle to better identify and resolve issues during the file review process. This webinar will take you through tax rules to ensure the data elements used to calculate the expected family contribution are correct.

Specific topics covered include:

  • IRS filing guidelines and thresholds
  • Comparing filing status to FAFSA results
  • Tax filing status and verification processes


Presenters: Michiale Schneider and Keyimani Alford

Date: January 29th@ 12:00pm EST

(NEW) Helping Students Reach Their College Education Dreams and Avoid Student Loan Nightmares

Do you find it challenging to meet the full needs of your students through financial aid? Often you might experience them turning to student loans without first exploring other options. By educating them, they will be better equipped to make smarter choices, become financially responsible, and have less student loan debt upon graduation.

Specific topics include:

  • ·        Identify borrowing trends

  • ·        Explore ways to search for additional “gift” aid

  • ·        Share the impact of borrowing loans

Presenters: Michiale Schneider and Tasha McDaniel

Date: January 20th @ 3:00pm EST


Where Are You: Strategies for Locating Borrowers

Staying in touch with borrowers is an important part of a default prevention strategy. If borrowers don’t stay connected after they leave school, how can you find them?  Many students leave school and stay connected through the alumni and other associations, friends, and even faculty and administration.  Others leave and make it difficult to be found. Many of them have loan debt but have neglected their payment obligation.  Locating them can be a challenge.  This session will discuss tools and strategies that you can use to find borrowers.  We will also share what Great Lakes does to locate borrowers and the rules and regulations all must follow.  


Topics covered include:

  • Free and fee-based skip tracing tools
  • The use of social media
  • Rules and regulations
  • Working with third-party servicers
  • What Great Lakes does to locate borrowers


Presenters: Lynn Murphy (Great Lakes SME) and Tasha McDaniel

Date: January 29th @ 3:00pm EST


(NEW) Final Rules: Changes to the PLUS Loan Credit Requirements

New final rules issued in October 2014 made changes to the PLUS loan to include modifying the definition of “adverse credit history” and requiring loan counseling for PLUS borrowers who have extenuating circumstances or who have an endorser. We’ll give you an overview of the regulatory changes and how these changes could impact your PLUS borrowers.  We’ll also take a take a look at the derogatory actions that contribute to an adverse credit history and how they are reflected on the credit report.


Specific Topics Include:

  • ·         Changes to the PLUS credit criteria

  • ·         Examples of derogatory actions

  • ·         Extenuating circumstances

  • ·         Loan counseling requirement

  • ·         Validity extension for credit checks

  • ·         Release of PLUS default rates

Presenters: Tasha McDaniel and Nancy Masten

Date: January 21st @ 12:00pm EST

Date: January 27th @ 3:00pm EST

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