A Look Back on Financial Aid History

11 Mar 2014 9:51 AM | Anonymous

A Look Back on Financial Aid History
Reflects Astute Perspective

By Sara Whitwer, Inceptia Marketing Director

In 1643, Lady Anne Radcliffe Mowlson gave Harvard College 100 English Pounds to support needy scholars. With that, the first financial aid event was recorded in what is now the United States.

Three hundred and seventy-one years later, college-bound students still need assistance to help pay for college. The events that took place between Lady Anne’s gift and 2014 shaped our present-day financial aid offices.

So, what were the major moments in financial aid history? Inceptia takes a look back to reflect on the events that shaped the financial aid industry in an interactive timeline.

Add your favorite moment in financial aid history by tweeting to hashtag #FinAidHistory. Was it the signing of the Higher Education Act in 1965 or was it the day you paid off your own student loan? One of Inceptia’s favorite moments was in 2011 when school partners began benefiting from performance-based pricing.

Join the conversation and make your own indelible imprint on Financial Aid History.

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