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November Schedule: Great Lakes’ Free SmartSessions Trainings

Dependency Status Dilemmas

Are your students confused about how to answer dependency questions on the FAFSA? When should you consider a dependency override? We'll review ways to help your students while maintaining compliance.

Specific topics covered include:

  • Does a student's self-sufficiency make them independent?
  • How does the IRS definition of a "dependent" differ from the FAFSA?
  • Who is considered to be a "Homeless Unaccompanied Youth?"

November 6th @ 3 pm, Eastern time

Dependency Status Dilemmas

November 18th @ 12 pm, Eastern time
Dependency Status Dilemmas

A Guide to Great Lakes Default Prevention Tools

This session provides an overview of the Great Lakes tools available to help you reach out to delinquent borrowers and manage your cohort default rate. Learn how to use our Borrowers at Risk report and delinquency letter tool to connect with former students and steer them away from default on FFELP, put, and Direct loans. The training will fully explain report access, settings and options, and subscriptions. You'll also learn how different schools use the tools to tackle different prevention challenges.

November 7th @ 12 pm, Eastern time
A Guide to Great Lakes Default Prevention Tools

How to Create a Social Media Site for your Financial Aid Office

Your students use social media to connect with other campus offices. Do you know how to set up and maintain a Facebook or Twitter account for the aid office to improve customer service and outreach? Before getting started with posting content or designing a strategy, you first need to know how to set up a Facebook or Twitter account. There are guidelines that you need to follow and decisions to be made regarding pages, profiles, and use of visuals before you launch. This webinar will provide a step by step guide to setting up your Facebook and Twitter accounts for maximum effectiveness.

Specific topics include:

  • ·         The ten steps to setting up a Facebook or Twitter account
  • ·         Understanding administrator rights and platform rules
  • ·         Suggestions for interaction: fans, friends, and followers
  • ·         Designing the visuals and managing content flow

November 12th @ 12 pm, Eastern time
How to Create a Social Media Site for your Financial Aid Office

FERPA: Interpreting the Intricacies

Protecting student privacy is paramount. Understand what needs to be included in your school’s Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) policy and gain a working knowledge of how to ensure FERPA privacy requirements are met in real-world scenarios. Consider this course not just an introduction to the basics of FERPA, but also an in-depth guide to understanding the rights of students and their parents regarding student education records. The materials presented have been vetted by our privacy specialists to ensure that you get the most accurate and comprehensive assistance available.

Specific topics covered include:

  • Review of final rules
  • Student and parent rights and FERPA
  • Right to access, review, and amend an education record
  • Compliance, complaints, and enforcement

November 13th @ 12 pm, Eastern time
FERPA: Interpreting the Intricacies

Consumer Information Requirements

Increased attention being paid to transparency in higher education has resulted in recent changes to consumer information regulations. This session will help you maintain compliance with a review of existing and new consumer information requirements.

Specific topics covered include:

          Overview of basic consumer information requirements

          Loan counseling


          Campus security

November 20th @ 12 pm, Eastern time
Consumer Information Requirements


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