As always, the members of TASFAA express their gratitude for the continued support from generous sponsors. The Grand Patrons, Patrons, Sponsors, and Vendors have allowed us to offer this annual conference for a reasonable fee.  

Thank you to each and every one of our 2019 conference sponsors.  Please visit each of them in the Sponsor Exhibit Hall.


GRAND PATRONS:               Minimum $5500

Grand Patron EdFinancial

Grand Patron EdSouth

Grand Patron Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation (TSAC)

PATRON:                         $4000 to $5499

Patron Ascent Student Loans

SPONSORS:                         $3000 to $3999

Sponsor CampusLogic

Sponsor Next Gen Web Solutions

VENDORS:                         $2000 to $2999

Vendor AwardSpring

Vendor Cognition Financial (SunTrust)

Vendor Citizens One Bank

Vendor College Ave

Vendor Elm Resources


Vendor Inceptia

Vendor KHEAA, provider of the Advantage Education Loan

Vendor PNC Bank

Vendor Sallie Mae

Vendor ScholarNet

Vendor SoFi

Vendor Thrivent

Vendor U-fi

Vendor Wells Fargo

Thank you for your support of the Tennessee Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (TASFAA).  With your financial support, TASFAA is able to keep conference training costs at a reasonable level for those attending.

Haley Greenway


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